PySFML organisationΒΆ

Since recently, the source code of this project no longer lies in the list of my personal Github repositories, and instead was moved to a dedicated Github organisation. This is the begining of a new project which consists of taking the whole thing one step further because Python has a huge potential in the area of building multimedia applications. Unfortunately, it remains unexploited nowadays and this is an attempt to fill the gap.

At this time of writing, there’s still a lot of work ahead in term of organisation but here is the big picture. This projects aims to...

  • Provide well-maintained Python bindings for SFML with tutorials translated, an up-to-date API documentation and the official examples adapted.
  • A lot of library based on SFML were developed; it could be great to have a large set of bindings that coerce well with the initial bindings.
  • A set of documents to help people contribute and port other SFML-based librairies to Python (guidelines, developer notes).
  • Exposing a Python C API is essential to implement to accomplish the above task.
  • Given the complex (versioning, dependencies, etc...), set up a CI service (build bots) to make bindings accessible.
  • Unit tests
  • A website to keep track of the recent activities and show how fast that project is moving toward its goal
  • Make application easily deployable for Android (& iOS)
  • Writing applicationsq with PySFML is one thing, yet one need to understand how to distribute it; tutorials are provided.

Additional motivations include improving Cython and teach myself continious integration services!