Remaining tasks

We’re about to release version 2.3.2 of these bindings and they come with many improvements.


  • Review and rewrite event system (Urgent!)
  • Add to pipy
  • compile pyThor and add to pipi
  • implement buffer protocol
  • remove character glitch
  • dealing with strings/bytes/unicode coercion better
  • Remove import__module__name() in C++ code
  • correct English documentation


  • Implement sf.InputStream and from_stream methods #27


  • sf.Text constructor (I remember it was a mess when implementing this constructor)
  • Improve sf.Text.string #43 (implementing the encode/decode step properly)


  • [2.4] Review the entire module
  • SocketSelector, Ftp and Http still need to be implemented
  • Make sf.Socket derivable #48 (Derived sockets seems to have access to protected functions such getHandle(), create(), etc it may override.)
  • Improve socket design (There’s an issue with non-blocking socket. Implementing status as exceptions screw this socket mode.)
  • Implement sf.Packet #26


  • Automate packaging


  • [2.3] translate original tutorials (from C++ to Python)
  • Lack of information about operator in the documentation
  • Add information about copyable classes to the documentation (How do people find out if one object is copyable via the copy module or not ?)
  • Add documentation for Ftp, Http, SocketSelector and HandledWindow #50


  • Review all examples
  • Improve Sound example(“rPlaying... ” << std::fixed << std::setprecision(2) << sound.GetPlayingOffset()) #32


  • Finish website